How To Edit PDF Like An Expert?

PDF is the best option to share information securely over the internet. These are popularly used in schools, colleges, companies, and the government. This article deals with how one can edit pdf. Editing it can help in adding a personal touch to the file.

Editing a PDF is very easy today as there is software that can help us in editing them. This editing of PDF files includes making changes or adding something new to it. For example, editing a PDF file resume for the job interview can add new information or modify the existing one, which will help make the resume more recent.

Are there any Modes to Use when You Edit PDF?

An editor gets various modes to use while editing PDF. These modes make the process easy and quick and are of three types:

  • Edit Mode: edit pdf mode acts like a document construction mode and can be used to make PDF changes.
  • View Mode: View mode is for readers and can check the document thoroughly to ensure that each page has the right and proper formatting.
  • Select Text Mode: Editors, while editing, finds some sections or content that blocks text. This mode scans such sections and allows you to select text in that area.

How to Edit PDF?

PDF editing includes performing various steps of action to improve its quality.

  • Underline and Highlight: Underline and highlight are the most popular used tools in the comment feature. The highlighting and underlining features are used to quote or make a difference in the PDF to important text. For instance, if a marketing report sent by the employer has to be read, then highlighting and underlining features are greatly used. You can easily know which section to give attention to if the employer asks a question regarding it.
  • Strikethrough Tool: This is another nifty tool for partially removing certain texts from a PDF. That is because this tool still leaves some traces behind. It gives an illusion of words or lines canceled from a piece of paper using a pen. For example, a marketing report sent by the employer contains some sections that need not be included, then you can use this tool to express your viewpoint in front of him.
  • Sticky Notes: In the previous example, as you did not like some section, with this tool, you can indicate why you would do that. For example, a profit of 20% in Q1 is not possible due to the pandemic. Expecting any more than that is not achievable. These sticky notes can also be hidden temporarily.
  • Pencil Tool: The pencil tool’s function is just that of a real pencil, such as writing anywhere on the PDF you wish.
  • Adding Shapes: Want to point out certain passages? Add an arrow and directs the user of the PDF to that passage.

You will be astonished to know that all the above tools are available in different colors for better referencing in the future.