How To Clean Chair Cushions

In the decoration and design of spaces, cushions become an attractive focal point. In addition to offering a pleasant sensation of good taste to the naked eye, they also offer a warmth that invites you to lie on them, no matter where you are.  Its function is to protect the furniture from the inclement sun. It also seeks comfort while people are having fun.

There are hundreds of shapes, sizes, and functions for cushions. Almost all lounger cushions require special maintenance to prevent deterioration or even start to emit unpleasant odors from the combination of water, sun, and food that can accidentally fall on them. Although some like acrylic cushions are usually very resistant, their durability and keeping them in good condition depends on periodic and timely cleaning.

However, if you don’t want to clean your cushions every now and then, there is an alternative. You can get bean bag chair covers to protect your chairs. You’ll only be required to wash the covers from time to time, thus keeping your chairs clean and well protected.

In this post, we tell you how to clean your chair cushions in case you don’t have chair covers. Read along!

Arm Yourself With A Simple Cleaning Kit To Clean Your Cushions

Since most cushions are made of acrylic material, which is considered the softest of plastics, it is usually very noble and docile when cleaning. That is why it will not be necessary to arm yourself with so many products or complicated elements for cleaning your lounger cushions or your acrylic cushions. A bucket of water, conventional cleaning products or liquid soap, a sponge, a soft bristle brush, and a cloth will suffice. And it will be as simple as using the brush to remove the strongest dirt and then cleaning the rest with a sponge and soap.

To dry the acrylic cushions, the cloth should be used to remove excess water and prevent it from penetrating the surface to the filling. If this happens, let all the soap come out and place it directly in the sun. Many times products with very strong aromas do not help the cushions take on a pleasant smell. On the contrary, they can increase the unpleasant odors that the sun itself or the weather conditions enhance.

 High-Pressure Cleaning

Due to their resistance condition, lounger cushions can withstand almost anything, but there are often stains and dirt that can be difficult to remove with a simple sponge. For this, it is advisable to clean with a pressurized water device. Professional high-pressure hoses can be damaging due to their strength. They can even damage the patterns on acrylic cushions and even deform them.

After fixing the hose in the dirtiest spaces, you can proceed to the sponge and soap’s simple method. The acrylic cushions are very resistant. Besides beautifying your space, they will always require special care, which does not deserve the investment of a lot of money or effort. You only have to dedicate it once a week to their care, and while they are not being used, they can be saved so that they last longer.