How Much Do Patio Covers Cost?

Having aspects of outdoor living while at home has evolved enhancing relaxation time or gatherings where comfort is key. Having a patio cover creates a functional and aesthetically pleasing protection factor that cannot be denied. The elements can be brutal so a reliable structural cover that is pleasing to the eye fits the bill. The choice and installation of this structure is a true benefit to a home, but just what is a patio cover exactly? It is attached or free-standing feature of any size with framing and roof protection from elements.

Here are a few reasons to get a patio cover:

  • Shade/element protection
  • Entertaining factor
  • Overall appearance improvement
  • Possible increase in property value

Counting the Cost

The cost of a patio cover really runs the gamut of inexpensive to quite a substantial cost of course the materials, and construction fuel this estimation. Think of aluminum, vinyl, canvas and wooden patio covers your price will be based largely off of the choice you make. Also, the extensiveness such as being a simple cover, awning, or pergola also will factor into the cost. Many times a pergola and patio cover are used interchangeably by many in terms of definition. Also involved in this decision is the shape desired whether rectangular, square, or unique out of the box shape. Just remember the more unique or personalized the greater the cost factor involved.

The choices include but are not limited to:

  • Size
  • shape
  • material
  • construction and installation

What You’re Made Of

Understanding the value of the building material in the cost factor allows you to make a sound decision appropriate for your budget. Vinyl material can be inexpensive however due to the necessity to add support material the cost usually will increase. Pricing will range depending on the market from $1,800 to $4,500. Another popular choice is the canvas. Besides being durable and easy to install the price here ranges anywhere from $1,300-$2070. It is also very conducive to color choices.

The strength and durability of metal such as aluminum is a very popular choice in patio covers. It requires less maintenance and repair ranging from $2,200 to $5020 and can increase by lattice or insulation. Think about the fact that it will not corrode easily, rot, or experience cracks or damage. It can be fashioned to look like wood without the expense.

Mercedes Cover

There is a top of the line type of aluminum patio cover that checks all of the boxes of quality and then some. It is known as 4K aluminum, created from updated material that boasts both ultra-durability along with properties that inhibit corrosion and rust. Available in at least four colors even that aspect is treated so that there is less likely to fade over time. The price range here is 5,000 to 9,000.

Would you try Wood?

Wooden patio covers are a very aesthetically pleasing option though it may wear out and do not last as long as some of the others. A huge chunk of that cost will arise from the necessity of maintenance due to wear and tear it experiences in rain, snow, wind, and heat. Another detail is the different options in wood selections that will bring the price up or down. This material is the priciest usually due to the organic properties and details mentioned above. The price can start somewhere around $5,507 -13,500 and higher.

As you can surmise the cost of patio covers ranges by many factors and one has to ask what qualities and details are desired and go from there.