Helping Baby Grow With Better Colostrum Supply

Many mothers would be given brief importance of the colostrum benefits during their journey of pregnancy. It is the first milk that is being produced for breastfeeding. This milk is said to be extremely healthy for the baby and offers much-needed nourishment as well. This is the precious food that a newborn can ever have. With its complete concentration and loaded with ample proteins and nourishment, it is one of the important fuels to pump the baby in all possible ways. However, there are many other advantages of it that one must know.

Dealing with infection

It is said that nearly two-thirds of the cells that are present in the colostrum are white blood cells. This helps to fight against the infection and ensure the baby can fight against the infections on its own as well. They help to make the immunity stringer while providing better protection. Once the baby leaves the protection of the body, it is important for the baby to be ready to face those infections that are present in the air. This can be dealt only with the help of white blood cells that are present in the colostrum. Since colostrum offers antibodies, it helps in neutralizing the virus and bacteria too.

Prevention against jaundice

Along with dealing with infections and diseases, it also helps to protect the tummy. Colostrum works like a laxative which creates the newborn poo often. This helps in making the bowel movement smoother as everything that gets ingested goes out from the womb. This usually is in the form of a sticky stool and is also dark in color. Often pooping can also reduce the risk of newborns getting jaundice. Since the newborn has a high level of red blood cells that take the oxygen across the body, the risk of high bilirubin is more too. But the liver of the baby is not much developed then it creates the system due to which jaundice happens.

Vitamins and minerals

One of the colostrum benefits is the supply of sufficient Vitamins and minerals. It is extremely important for the growth of the baby and hence is advised in the long run as well. Of all vitamins, the supply of vitamin A through Colostrum can help to make the vision of the baby stronger. Besides, it also helps in maintaining the same composition that a baby gets inside the womb of a mother for more than 30 hours. That is why the baby gets enough proteins as well.


There are so many Colostrum benefits other than the one mentioned above and of course, the healthcare expert can offer the right assistance on the same. This well-concentrated milk is low in fat and can be well digested by the baby as well. It plays a crucial role in the development of the immunity system in the child and hence is said to be the most given feed for the baby. It may look thick and yellow over the regular mature milk. But it has been tailored to meet the certain needs of the newborn itself.