Getting To The Root Of Sewer Line Damage

There can be a number of reasons why sewer lines get damaged or destroyed. Depending on the extent of the damage people have to select between sewer line repair and Austin sewer replacement.

When there are cracks or holes in the sewer line that can be handled by sewer line repair but when the damage is severe, the entire sewer line has to be replaced. To know which option is best, a professional plumber will be needed.

How do know when there is some issue with the sewer line?

Generally, it is very difficult to identify the sewer line issues until they become very big to handle. But there are many early indications to indicate that the sewer line is not good.

  1. There will be a bad smell in the home or in many places of the home.
  2. Whenever there are some plumbing works in the home, there will be bubbling noises.
  3. There will be spots in the yard that indicates that extra water is there in those spots.
  4. All the drains in the home get clogged at the same time.
  5. Few areas in the lawn appear extra green.

Causes of Damage in the sewer lines

There can be many reasons why there is an issue with the sewer lines. Some of the causes of damage are listed below

  1. The most common reason for the sewer line damage that might need Austin sewer replacement is tree roots. Roots of trees break the pipes, clog them and make them weak. Mostly clay sewer pipes will be faced with issues because of the tree roots.
  2. In order to prevent rusting, the steel and cast-iron pipes are galvanized. But still, there will regularly be wear and tear as they get corroded because of calcium and magnesium leading the pipes to leak or crack.
  3. Usually, the house’s sewer line is for handling human waste and toilet paper. But when paper towels and other items are flushed, they will block the drain which will be difficult to clean even for the professional agents.
  4. The cooking oil and grease that are present in the kitchen can also clog the pores if they are directly poured into the kitchen sink.
  5. When there are cool temperatures the pipes get frozen and they will be busted because of the expansion of ice. Even in extremely hot conditions also the pipes will be burst sometimes.

Uses of the trenchless sewer line replacement

When the traditional sewer line method is mostly done in many parts there are many advantages with the trenchless Austin sewer replacement.

  • There is no need to dig all the yard and hence there will be more saving of money as there is no need of fixing the damaged lawn after the plumbing work.
  • This will be done in less time when compared to the traditional method.


First, the plumber has to inspect the sewer system to identify the damaged areas. Then they have to evaluate whether that sewer line requires repair or they have to entirely replace the line. For extensive damages and cases where the issue is expected to reoccur it is recommended to opt for sewer line replacement as it will be more beneficial.