Get Your Juicer Out Of The Cupboard And Make A Morning Juicer Recipe.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that consuming fruits and vegetables can significantly reduce heart disease and some types of cancer. Not only that, it is recommended to eat at least five types of fruit daily. In addition, the juicer can be the perfect helper for your health.

Fruit and vegetable juices are natural health treasures; they contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and substances that protect you from numerous diseases. They also provide you with energy to start your day and are excellent snacks to enjoy in the mid-afternoon.

There is a great variety of juices, which can be prepared with different foods. But one of the best known is the green juice, this drink contains green primarily fruits and vegetables, which help our body work better. There is not only one recipe, so you will find a top-rated morning juicer recipe if you read on.

The main base of these detox juices is green vegetables, possessing chlorophyll, fiber, antioxidants, and large amounts of nutrients. These substances contribute to the organism’s depurative, diuretic, and nutritional processes, favoring weight loss and healthy living.

This type of juice is complemented with carrot, beet, and cucumber; green fruits (lemon, green apple, etc.) or colored fruits (pineapple, apple, etc.) are also added to maximize the nutritional values of the drink. In addition, these complementary ingredients soften the intense flavor of green vegetables. Finally, it is recommended to add spices such as ginger, cinnamon, among others, to promote fat burning.

To prepare a green juice, you should select fresh, clean, and disinfected ingredients, as well as ice, to give them a more refreshing touch. Discover a recipe here:

Ingredients (1 serving of juice):

1 sachet of blackberry and yogurt-flavored oatmeal

1 cup pineapple

8 spinach leaves

1 piece of celery

4 sprigs of parsley

1 g fresh ginger

¼ cup water


Preparation time:

5 minutes


To prepare the green juice, it is essential to start with a liquid base, water. Then add the celery, with a strong flavor that complements very well with the parsley and ginger.

The fruit par excellence for this green juice is pineapple, which helps to give it the distinctive touch of flavor. Then we must add the dark green leaves, such as spinach, and the oatmeal packet. Finally, add all the listed ingredients to a blender and blend until you get the desired consistency.

To get the maximum nutrients from juices, shakes, and smoothies:

  • Use fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not strain the juices; your body highly appreciates the fiber.
  • Avoid adding sugar; instead, use stevia leaves or sweet fruits.
  • These drinks are not a substitute for breakfast and should be consumed in moderation.
  • Also, consider that there are currently two basic types of juice extractors on the market: conventional or centrifugal extractors and cold press extractors.

Cold press juicers press the fruit, thus maintaining all the nutritional properties of fruits and vegetables. The classic extractors centrifuge the food, thus generating a heating process that favors oxidation, and the juices will not lose their vitamins.

An extractor is not the same as a portable blender. Both grind the food, but the extractor has filters to extract all the liquid from your fruits and vegetables.