Find The Most Efficient Auto Transport Company To Ship Your Car To And From Connecticut

Connecticut is one place located between New York and Boston that remains scenic throughout the year whether it is summer, spring, winter, or fall.  It is perfect for people looking for a much slower pace of life. Whether you are moving to Connecticut just to visit Quaker country or wish to look for a place to live in the various towns of New Britain and New Haven, you will need your car to move around and explore.

Availing Connecticut car transport company

  • Make thorough research for the best the auto transport companies
  • Call friends who have used the services of the transport company
  • Read online reviews and positive responses from the users
  • Check reviews on Google, Transport Reviews, and Better Business Reviews
  • Check for the 6-digit number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration that guarantees the company is legitimate

If you are shifting to states closer to the Northeast then making a car transport is not tough. However, if it is somewhere far like from New York City or Rhode Island to Connecticut then you will need your car to be shipped to or from Connecticut through a transport company that you can rely on.

Finding the best Connecticut Auto Transport Service

Your search would end with Connecticut Auto Transport Services by Ship A Car, Inc., which provides a convenient and affordable vehicle delivery anywhere to or from Connecticut. Ship A Car Inc deals with reliable and trustworthy shipping carriers who know the ins and outs of the car shipping industry.

Their team is committed to helping you find the best way to get your car shipped effectively within Connecticut or anywhere out of the state. Whether it is huge towns like Hartford, Stamford, or New Haven or small towns like New London, Ship A Car, Inc has got you covered.

Preparing your car for transportation

After employing the car transport company of your choice, it’s time to prepare your vehicle for shipping to ensure it is transported safely and securely.

  • Keep all your papers from the title of your car to an insurance copy and driver’s license
  • Keeping everything ahead of time will make the process much faster to get your car to the carrier
  • Clean your car and take pictures of any existing dents and scratches for the shipping records
  • Ensure your car is in good condition before getting loaded
  • Get your car inspected by a mechanic thoroughly before the winter season to check the fluids, tires, battery, brakes, and other forms of maintenance
  • Remove all personal items from the trunk of the car as it is not under insurance and also the car transport company would charge extra money for it.
  • Book an enclosed carrier to protect your car from external damages
  • Get your car transported to a terminal for you to pick it up

Shipping your car to Stamford or New Haven will be cheaper than shipping it to some small town or a remote location. Ship A Car, Inc takes care of all your needs while shipping your car to and from Connecticut.