External site counters. Server

External counters of visits to the site, which are also called statistics systems, do not have access to the system logs of the web server, since they are located completely on third-party servers, here you can order https://proxy-seller.com/ proxies that are not associated with the hosting provider.
How to install external meters? Very simple. You need to place a special HTML-code of your chosen statistics system on all (preferably) pages of the resource. This code most often includes a special java-script and a link to the system server (for example, in the form of a picture-counter).

How it works? When your visitor’s browser “sees” the HTML code that requires downloading a file from another server, it will automatically contact this server, where this request will be counted by the statistics system as a visit to your website page. In addition, the counter is “able” to collect and process data about the visitor’s browser settings. For example, he can find out the screen resolution and even where a person got to your site.

All information collected by the statistics system is stored in databases. Then, based on this information, an analytical report is made, which can be used to track trends in changes in site traffic and visitor preferences. If you want, for example, to find out the most visited pages of your site, then using counters it is easy and simple to do it.

External visit counters can be either paid or free. The most famous statistics systems on the Russian Internet are LiveInternet and SpyLog. The first one is completely free, and the second one takes money for serious “analytics”.
– the only possible way to get traffic statistics if your hosting provider does not provide access to detailed system logs of the web server;
– data is collected from a huge number of sites, so you can use the statistics system not only to track traffic, but also as a marketing tool for analyzing the competitive environment.

– the accuracy of the information is lower and less detailed than that contained in the system logs of web servers, which accumulate all data about requests.
– the accuracy of the counter depends on a large number of factors: the settings of the visitors’ browser, the availability of the servers of the statistics system on the part of the visitor and other features of access to the Internet for end users.