Entrepreneurship – The dream of the new generation

The word entrepreneur is nothing new for the youngsters out there. The entrepreneurship Singapore trend is fast-growing, with more and more new ideas ready to hit the market. An education system that wants you to get a fulltime job is slowly changing. More and more schools are adding entrepreneurship to their curriculum. Workshops and seminars about entrepreneurship are fast selling the tickets like never before. Such a scenario clearly shows the eagerness of the new generation to be his boss.

Startups flooding the market

The local Singapore market and even the global market are filled with startups. A time when starting a business was a scary thing to do is not valid anymore. The number of startups succeeding in the market is on the rise. A lot of these startups come with innovative ideas and open a completely new horizon of business. The most important thing to note here is the number of youngsters involved in this. There are plenty of investors ready to support innovations, which, in turn, boost the increase of entrepreneurs in the market. A secure way to build their life without a boss to eat there had off is the main reason entrepreneurship is the world’s new dream.