Benefits of Soil Stabilization

To put it simply, soil stabilization refers to the different physical, biological, mechanical, chemical, or combined methods of changing a natural soil to meet an engineering purpose. It is beneficial when you’re building on clay due to the unique characteristics it holds. Soil stabilization involves using binders to improve its integrity and thus allow the building of any structures. Without soil stabilization, building in certain areas can be extremely dangerous as the soil isn’t potent enough to hold that particular structure in place. Without much ado, here are some of the benefits of soil stabilization.


Before soil stabilization became a thing, the conventional method of preparing land for the building was dig and dump. This involved digging up the unstable soil out of the ground and dumping it elsewhere, leaving the land ready for construction. While it is a very effective method, it wasn’t budget-friendly. There are plenty of costs involved with this method. From the extensive labor to expensive equipment, transport, landfill tax, and even time used up, the overall cost of construction was high. With soil stabilization, all those costs are eliminated, and the overall cost is significantly reduced.

Environmentally Friendly

The dig and dump method is quite detrimental to the environment. For starters, heavy machines are used. These machines are powered by fossil fuels which means that there are vast amounts of carbon emitted by these machines. Secondly, many heavy trucks will be required to transport the dug-up soil, which means more carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Soil stabilization helps to reduce these carbon emissions since heavy trucks and equipment are no longer required. It also helps to maintain the roads since transporting something as heavy as 200 tons of soil on heavy trucks can be pretty damaging to the road.

Reduces Wastage

With soil stabilization, you will not have to dump truckloads of soil elsewhere and replace them with imported material. Soil stabilization makes use of the already available soil by using a simple treatment process to make it viable for whatever construction project you have in the works.

Saves Time

Building on clay is already a long process and takes some time for the project to be completed. A massive chunk of this time is usually spent preparing the land for construction, especially when using the dig and dump process. By using binders to stabilize the soil, you will be cutting the time needed to dig out the site and transport the soil elsewhere. 

Easy Winter Working

Preparing a site for construction during the winter is usually very challenging. Through soil stabilization, you can add quicklime to the soil to help it dry up quickly. This way, you can continue working even during wet conditions.

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