Basketball predictions and betting

Basketball betting is one of the priority activities of most bookmakers. But analyzing such matches takes quite a lot of time. And if bettors want to play successfully against the bookmakers, they need to be well versed in all the nuances of this sport discipline.

However, there is another way to start earning without making a lot of effort. This is when basketball predictions from Scores 24, an analytical website, can help. Bettors do not need to know much about sports with the assistance of this platform. Professional analysts have already done everything instead of users and made quality predictions based on detailed analysis.

When making predictions, many factors are taken into account, including such key ones as:

  • the teams’ physical fitness;
  • squads;
  • performance;
  • venue;
  • history of head-to-head battles;
  • performance statistics in previous matches;
  • tournament position and motivation for the match.

Predictions are published on Scores 24 daily. And the main feature of the platforms is that all the content offered is absolutely free of charge. Some online portals ask subscribers to pay for such information. In this case, it is enough to log on to the website, go to the “Predictions” section or the match center of the desired game. All the content is freely available.

According to statistics, when it comes to all basketball leagues, the most popular content on Scores 24 is predictions for the NBA. Therefore, in this article, let us look at some of the features to consider when making deals on this popular championship.

Features of betting on the NBA

There are certain specifics of betting on the NBA.  It is different not only from betting on other sports but even from betting on other leagues. First of all, it is about the high intensity of games. The NBA schedule is such that teams have games every other day, and sometimes even every day.

This only has positive impacts on bettors. Firstly, due to a large number of matches, they can make more deals or choose a bet from a wide range of matches. Secondly, it is more convenient to make predictions because of such an intense schedule. After all, for a short period of time more matches are available for analysis, and the information used is much more current and fresh.

If bettors are good at predicting the outcome of games or use high-quality predictions, such as those published on Scores 24, basketball betting provides faster growth of the game pot. Because of this, it is more profitable to bet on the NBA than on soccer games, most of which occur on weekends.

Speaking of the negative points, keep in mind that the bookmakers’ analytical centers pay special attention to the American Championships. It is connected with the great popularity of the NBA among bettors. Bookmakers put the lowest margin on these matches in the line, and, accordingly, the odds here are higher than in other championships.

Despite the fact that this option attracts players, it is very difficult to beat the bookmaker in betting on the NBA. After all, bookmaker analysts also get the opportunity to operate with a lot of data when calculating odds for a particular game.

It is possible to make money in betting on the NBA by identifying certain patterns in the teams’ games. For example, in modern American basketball, there are no obvious hegemons that can win most games in a row in one season. As a rule, the winning streaks of the most successful teams do not last more than 10-12 games.

Additionally, in today’s NBA championship, the team that won the previous season may be the clear underdog this year. There are a lot of squad changes in the offseason and they have to be paid attention to. Experienced forecasters can take advantage of bookmakers in the first games of the championship by catching favorable odds. But on the other hand, head-to-head meetings between teams that were played last season are almost always irrelevant when predicting upcoming matches.

The experience has proven that teams score fewer points per game in the playoffs than in the group stage. This is due to the importance of the games and the players’ greater focus on the result, as mistakes can cost a lot. This fact should be considered when placing bets on totals.

A similar trend can be seen at the start of the championship. As long as the teams are not in their best fitness condition, their performance is down. This is especially true for clubs that have changed their squad significantly in the offseason. In basketball, as in other team sports, team chemistry plays an important role.

There are many other common factors. All experienced bettors have their own approach to betting on the NBA, as well as tricks and secrets for analyzing games.

Features of basketball betting in live mode

Most basketball bets are made during the match. Such bets are more appealing because it is easier to draw conclusions about the strength of the teams and determine the possible outcome while watching the game. Also, there are more unique bets and interesting odds available in Live mode.

But successful betting in live mode requires a certain scope of knowledge. These types of betting are more suitable for experienced bookmakers who know how to react quickly to changes in the bookmaker’s offs and the situation on the court.

When playing in live mode, there is no time to gather information and decisions need to be made instantly. In basketball, the situation changes very dynamically. In soccer, you can sometimes take your time to study statistics, but here it is required to monitor the line constantly and place bets when the opportunity arises.

As a rule, many bettors prefer to bet online on individual quarters. This tactic is interesting because they do not have to wait long for the calculation of the bet. The win can be received within 10-15 minutes, and sometimes even faster. Also, betting on one of the teams to win in a quarter does not require it to win the match as well.