Accessories for the coffee machine

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If you are a large coffee consumer, the coffee maker will undoubtedly be used often. To make it easier to make a quick cup of coffee, there are handy accessories that can help you with this. In addition to being convenient to use, these accessories also help an organized kitchen. In this blog we are going to explain the accessories for different coffee makers.

A bean coffee maker

When you have a bean machine you have to deal with storing the beans and the waste of the beans. When storing the beans, putting an open bean bag in the cupboard is not the most ideal. Firstly, this is at the expense of the quality of the beans, secondly, it becomes a mess when the bag falls over. That’s why it’s better to put a storage tin next to the coffee maker. In this way the beans stay fresh longer and the entire kitchen cupboard is not covered with coffee beans.

For easy disposal of the ground beans, you can walk to the trash can every time. But it is better to dispose of this waste separately, as it belongs to green waste. The disadvantage of the receptacle for the ground beans is that it is usually small. It is therefore best to place a larger container in the kitchen for the green waste. You can not only store your ground beans in this, but also the other green waste, which also makes it easier to separate the waste during cooking.

A coffee maker with pads or with cups

If you have a coffee maker that uses pads or cups, you can use the same accessories for the waste. For this, you can place a small trash can next to the coffee maker, since you have to replace the pod or cup for every cup of coffee. When you use coffee pods, you can also do the same as with the bean waste. But this is not possible with cups, as they have to go with the residual waste.

There is a difference with regard to the convenient storage of pads and cups. For example, you want to store coffee pads as airtight as possible, just like coffee beans. While coffee cups themselves are already vacuum packed. For example, you can place coffee cups nicely in a dolce gusto pod holder, this way you can also easily see which cup you are taking. While you want a coffee pod tube for coffee pods, which is specially made for coffee pods. This tube is just wide enough for the pads to fit nicely. In addition, it also ensures better retention of the pads than leaving the bag open in the cupboard.