5 warning signs of substance abuse addiction

Whether your drug is alcohol or even a high-dose drug, one must know the early signs that make a person addicted to drugs. The longer the person is addicted to drugs, the longer it is for them to get rid of it. The road to recovery becomes extremely tough if one does not take the correct steps at the correct time.

People tend to consider their consumption habits as harmless if they do not experience serious problems consuming the drugs they consume. Drugs like nicotine, heroin, Cocaine or any other highly addictive drugs tend to remain the same from when one starts to consume. The danger that one’s health faces are real for any addictive substance.

It is essential to identify any addiction before it is too late to cure a person of greater harm.

Substance abuse addiction:

The journey out of addiction begins with nothing but the self-realization of a person who is addicted to drugs. Unless one raises self-awareness regarding the disease’s depth and seriousness, no one can help the person recover. Five major signs help one realize that they seek drugs and are in the shadow of drug use.

  1. Seeking drugs:

One may start out taking drugs casually during your normal weekend parties or even by your friends’ suggestion, but this slowly turns into a reason for concern when we see that the person is asking for more drugs than before and cannot stay without a certain amount of intake. The intake, however, increases without any major reasons for the consumption.

Drug-seeking is a common sign of an increase in addiction. For example, a person may go to doctors asking for painkillers or medicine shops exaggerating pain symptoms in their bodies.

  1. Tolerance and withdrawal that has an increase:

Another sign of drug abuse is the tolerance that one can easily monitor. This phenomenon makes people increase their daily dosage of the drug to achieve the effect they recall from their early usages. One tends to spend more money on their high dosages or even use other substances that intensify drug choice effects.

  1. Negligence with responsibilities:

The stages of addiction might affect a person the way they feel about themselves and their normal life. Usage of drugs or even new substances likely has similar habits. The people in these habits legitimize irresponsible behavior for their selfish reasons.

  1. Impaired judgments:

At first, people tend to get good feelings using drugs that make them ignore logic or reason in multiple situations. Heavy dosages often cause people to get into fights with others and increase risk factors with impaired judgments. Similar factors also increase the likelihood of engaging in illegal activities or influencing people in risky behaviors.

  1. Physical signs and symptoms:

There is an unprecedented change in a person’s behavior and physical appearance with heavy drug abuse. One may look sick, pale, shaking hands or feet, dilated pupils, red eyes, slurred speech, and dry mouth are some of the signs that represent a person’s physical symptoms with heavy drug abuse.

Therefore, when a person is into substance drug addiction, it is best to seek professional help if things get out of your hand or become worse. Professional treatment at rehab is sure to cure a person, if not completely but partially.