5 Important Questions to Ask Before You Purchase A Mobile Home


When it comes to buying a house the options are endless. There are stick-built houses that you can purchase. They were built on-site and from 2 by 4’s and sheetrock. There are manufactured houses. Which means they were built off-site and moved to the final resting place to complete construction. Or there are mobile homes. Mobile homes are usually single or double-wide and ride on the back of a semi-truck. Then when a final place for it to be put is decided the owner can take the wheels off and level the house over the top of the sewer and water attachments. There are a few things to consider before purchasing a mobile home.


Mobile homes age worse than a regular stick-built house. Just because of the way they have to travel constructed it is more difficult to create a strongly built house. Because of these mobile homes depreciate differently. The way that the depreciation of a mobile home is considered is similar to a car rather than a house. No matter how much maintenance or effort is put into a mobile home it will never stop depreciating. That is one important aspect of owning a mobile home. Mobile home dealer MI can help you acquire the information on the age and condition of the home.


Just like anything that you are planning on spending money on you want to make sure it is in good condition. Make sure all the piping is in place and has never frozen. Make sure that the roof and the structure of the house are good. Basically everything else can be fixed relatively easily. But if the structure of a mobile home is bad then it is basically a total loss. One easy way to tell if the structure is good is to look at the home and watch for any sinkholes around the flooring. That is a note of the structure of the subfloor and floor.

The Electric

One very important aspect in any home is electricity. But this is especially important in a mobile home because they are much more prone to fire than a stick-built home. The properties used to build a mobile home are lighter and catch fire easier and faster. So being sure that the electrical is in great condition can be a matter of life or death. Be sure to contact an electrician and have them take a quick look before purchasing a house. Electricity is something important to consider when buying a mobile home.

The Price

Ultimately the price is what it all comes down to. Making sure that you are getting a good deal for the price being asked is paramount. Considering all the factors listed above and the price being asked is essential. There are services offered to help you with this. Inspectors and realtors can give you a rough estimate of how much the home is valued for. They can also make sure that you are getting a high-quality home. There is a lot that can be hidden in the walls of a home and overshadowed by a mobile home dealer MI.


Purchasing a mobile home can be a good decision and life-changing. As long as all the factors at play show that you are getting a good deal. Mobile homes are a great option for a less expensive but high-quality home. They do depreciate differently than home and that is one factor to be considered. The electrical needs to be of high quality for the home to be safe. So that is also important to consider. The price is the number one consideration. Being sure that you get a high-quality price for a high-quality home.