3 Benefits of Consuming Cannabis

During the Covid-19 pandemic and the frequent lockdowns that followed, people become more isolated. This isolation made it hard for a person undergoing a mental health issue to get the necessary help. The common mental health issues that have affected most people during this period are depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

According to CDC and other health organizations, these mental health issues result from job losses and getting cut off from family and friends. As a coping mechanism and out of bad habits, some people have taken up consuming Cannabis. There is a widespread opinion that a cannabis smoker lacks motivation and is fundamentally lazy; however, that is not true. If taken in the right amounts using the right equipment such as Zeus Arc, Cannabis has more benefits than you imagined.

  1. It May Treat Anxiety

You will be anxious about something at some point in your life. Anxiety feels like a ball of stone that weighs you down. This disorder is easily triggered and often comes as an emotional response to depression or something serious.

Annals of Internal Medicine conducted a study on several people. 80% of these people said that they were less anxious after consuming Cannabis. There are also dispensaries like the Las Vegas dispensary that treat anxiety using Cannabis. When you take Cannabis when undergoing anxiety, you will feel calmer and sleep better.

Cannabis may also help with PTSD and social anxiety disorder symptoms, sleep issues, and panic disorders. Although many reviews and studies have supported CBD for its ability to combat anxiety, THC offers just the opposite effect. Since it is a psychoactive component, THC increases paranoia, making you more anxious.

Even though it is an excellent option for most people undergoing mental health issues, it has its negative side. The adverse effects include sweating, paranoia, hallucinations, confusion, and increased heart rate. Sometimes you may experience these side effects, and sometimes, you may not.

If you have decided to use Cannabis to help with your anxiety, you should go for low THC options, especially if you have never used Cannabis before. You should also start using the herb slowly. The aim is to reduce your anxiety, not worsen it. Furthermore, begin with the low doses. Lastly, consult experts from the licensed cannabis dispensaries before trying Cannabis. This precautionary measure helps you minimize the risk of increasing your anxiety.

  1. It May Treat Parkinson’s

Over the past years, scientists have explored the possibility of THC and CBD slowing the progression of age-related brain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. And in recent years, they discovered that CDBs might help alleviate some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, such as rigidity and slowness of movement.

  1. It Improves Performance

Many athletes are using Cannabis to enhance their performance, aid their recovery and enhance pleasure. However, use Cannabis moderately when exercising.

Cannabis has many health benefits. It may treat anxiety, get you out of depression, and help with your chronic pain. It may also treat some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, such as rigidity. However, though it is good, you should consume it sparingly. Before using Cannabis, seek the help of a doctor